10 Things That Will Make Your Breasts Look Fabulous!

Seduction involves using your natural accessories – namely, your breasts. Make the most of your breasts (and get tons of male attention) with these ten tips.

Breasts are a natural accessory, much like a necklace. If you pick the right outfit (or even your birthday suit), your breasts can really put a nice bow on the package!

Go Braless During The Day

Your breasts deserve a break! Go braless for a day. Wear a soft t-shirt that doesn’t feel rough against your nipples and just lounge around. It’s even better if you can do this in front of your guy. Turn the air down a little so it gets just a tad bit chilly – and he’ll definitely notice that your girls are standing at attention.

Use Ice Cubes To Harden Your Nipples

Instead of buying nipple enhancers (yeah, those actually exist), just slip an ice cube under your bra and hold it on your nipple for just a few seconds. This will get them nice and hard, although you may end up getting your shirt a little wet. This is a great move if you want to surprise your lover by wearing nice lingerie, or want to parade around nude in front of him. Getting your girls to perk up first will make you look that much sexier. (Also try using ice on him or on your clitoris for even more fun!)

Play With Different Fabrics During Sex

Different fabrics can really feel great on your nipples and breasts. Have some scarves made of chiffon or silk, and see if you can’t get your hands on some velvet or leather. After the seduction and when you’ve already got him in bed, let your partner gently rub the fabrics against your breasts and enjoy the sensations!

Use A Nipple Stain

If you want your nipples to look absolutely divine as soon as you take your bra off, try using a nipple stain. Similar to a lip gloss, this is swiped over the nipples and adds just a hint of color and sheen. Some nipple stains even taste good, so your partner can tell you how sweet you are!

Forget Your Top At The Sauna

Next time you’re at the sauna, just drop your towel. Let your girls sweat too. This will help release toxins and give your chest a nice, sexy and healthy glow.

Use Shimmer Powder And A Low Cut Top

If you’re going somewhere that you really want to be noticed by guys (and possibly get asked out on a date) wear a low cut top. Don the double sided tape if you have to. Before heading out the door, sweep on some bronzer or shimmer powder to highlight your cleavage. The guys won’t be able to keep their eyes off you!

Use A Sports Bra That Separates

Say goodbye to “uni-boob” forever. A sports bra that smashes your girls together is less than flattering and even more uncomfortable. You can look sexy while working out by getting a sports bra that separates your breasts and creates cleavage.

Give Budoir Photos To Your Lover

Take some tasteful topless pics of yourself (or just pictures of your breasts by themselves) and give them to your partner as a gift. (Make sure you trust this person first!) You can also hire a professional if you really want to get some high quality, artistic nude photographs. This makes an excellent anniversary or Valentine’s Day gift!

Sleep Topless

Don’t always insist on going to bed in a bra, even if it’s a soft bra that you use specifically for sleep. Just let the girls go every once in awhile! It will turn your partner on beyond belief when he rolls over, slips his hand over you and feels your naked breasts in bed. You may very well be engaging in morning sex when the sun comes up!

Use Chicken Cutlets

Some women are naturally born with big breasts (or even medium breasts) but others are born with very small breasts. Instead of going for a radical breast augmentation, try using chicken cutlets first. If you’ve never heard of them, they’re silicone inserts that sit in your bra and make your breasts look bigger when you’re wearing a shirt. These can really enhance your look!

However, you want to be careful here, because if you do get a guy to ask you out, he may be disappointed when he realizes you were falsely advertising your goods.

Your breasts are an amazing accessory – show them off! Dress them up, let your partner kiss and stroke them and enhance them whenever you get the chance!

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